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What is the reason for the damage of wire rope conveyor belt in the process of use?

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Update time : 2022-10-17 19:45:21
Wire rope conveyor belt in the process of use often appear scratch phenomenon, will affect the consumption and cost of enterprises, constitute the waste of financial and material resources. In the consumption process of wire rope conveyor belt, manufacturers have considered many small hazards, so the impact and other conditions are acceptable. The following will introduce some causes of wire rope conveyor belt damage.
Because in the process of the production of steel wire rope conveyor belt, rubber adhesion is not enough, the process will exist some defects, or is a process of control is not serious, because in the process of work in conveyor belt roller, roller conveying material and can produce some conflict, the conflict in reaction force can make the cover rubber peeling off from time to time, serious when will constitute a torn cover.
Whether there is a conveyor belt to carry slag coal out of the boiler room. Because the temperature of slag coal is high, the cover glue of wire rope conveyor belt will melt, which will aggravate the wear of the belt. In addition, sparks during welding and gas cutting operations can damage the masking glue. The drop planning of drain scuttle is too large to guide the coal flow reasonably. There will be a large number of large materials in the system, so that the conveyor belt is subjected to great impact, there will be many pits on the surface of the conveyor belt.
Wire rope conveyor belt can transport large ore materials, ensure 24 hours of continuous transmission, greatly improve the transmission power. It's three times more powerful than a truck! And, only need the continuous operation of wire rope conveyor, without additional manpower, greatly saving the cost of manpower and material resources.
High conveying can be completed. The wire rope conveyor belt can complete the role of aerial conveying of high traction equipment. It is a good solution for those mountainous areas where the terrain is more complex and the transportation is inconvenient.
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