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What is the cause of the conveyor belt adhesion?

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Update time : 2022-10-20 16:37:18
What is the cause of conveyor belt adhesion? In order to ensure the service life of the interface, when the conveyor belt runs off the track, the interface will not be torn, that is to say, according to the running direction of the belt, the mouth will be made into a convex shape.
The key to producing steps is cutting. After calculation, measurement and marking, excess rubber and fabric layers can be removed. During operation, the cutting force and stroke depth must be strictly controlled. If the bottom is too deep, it will hurt the retained part of the cloth layer and cause local breakage in the future. Conversely, it is difficult to peel off excess rubber and cloth layers.
Therefore, this is a key technique in the bonding process and must be operated by experienced personnel or directed on site. After TEARING the grinding step of the joint surface, the first sealing is performed to correct the incorrect parts before grinding the joint surface. The purpose of grinding is to knock out the adhesive rubber on the cloth layer and grind the cloth layer at the same time, so as to get the effect of increasing the roughness of the cloth layer, increasing the bonding area and improving the bonding strength. It is proved that the bonding strength increases with the increase of roughness under certain conditions.
However, from the microscopic point of view, if the roughness of the bonded surface is too large, the concave and convex phenomenon will lead to poor contact of the bonded surface, the formation of defects and the reduction of the bonded strength. Especially for the less liquid binder, the effect is more significant. Therefore, when grinding, the residual rubber on the cloth layer should be wiped off and beaten with wool, which can not be worn, otherwise it will affect the bonding effect. At the same time, it may also form the hidden danger of local fracture of belt joint.
In addition, to keep the bonding surface clean, prevent pollution before bonding. The selection of adhesive and the application of adhesive is usually bottled, mixed curing agent should be paste. Experience with adhesive used to bond conveyor belt joints should also be diluted. Because thin coatings are less prone to flow and creep, bubbles and defects are less likely and there is less internal stress at the interface. Therefore, it is beneficial to improve the adhesion of the interface. But when the adhesive layer is too thin, it is easy to form insufficient glue and discontinuous coating, which will also reduce the bonding strength. Therefore, when applying the adhesive, the coating thickness should be as thin as possible under the premise of ensuring that there is no lack of glue.
The bonding time of two parts of interface will directly affect the bonding effect. According to the application requirements, the adhesive can be lapped after the non-stick hand, too early or too late will also cause a decline in bond quality. If in the summer, after drying with 1 glue joints should not be too long, then the solvent contained in the adhesive volatile faster, the formation of the curing process is shorter. Therefore, complete the operation as soon as possible. In winter, the temperature is low and the solvent in the adhesive coating evaporates slowly, so the drying time can be extended appropriately. When necessary, the evaporation can be assisted by heating to speed up the progress of work. When lapping joints, ensure that the center lines at both ends of the belt are in the same straight line and that each step is well matched to avoid repeated exposure and adhesion due to dislocation. After the lap joint, use the hammer to hit both sides, starting at the center line. A better bond is achieved by clamping the joint surface with two flat steel plates and tightening it with bolts, then loosening it after the adhesive has cured.
The adhesive operation of conveyor belt is difficult and technical, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate interface shape according to different working conditions, determine the lap length reasonably, with high performance, high strength adhesive, through scientific and detailed operation to receive the ideal effect.
The reason for the conveyor belt adhesion is introduced to you here, if you have any questions about the conveyor belt, the pattern conveyor belt, the conveyor belt promotion, you are welcome to consult us.
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