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Should the anti-slip conveyor belt use pattern conveyor belt or flat conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-10-17 19:37:23
Conveyor belt is industry with more on the conveyor belt, in many industries, the use of conveyor belt is basically in accordance with their own requirements, but many industrial manufacturers when choosing conveyor belt, the more difficult to choose, because some of the nature of the conveyor belt is essentially the same, just, not necessarily appropriate own production, such as choosing antiskid conveyor belt, It should be the decorative pattern conveyor belt or the plane conveyor belt. Let me introduce it to you.
For the plane conveyor belt and the pattern conveyor belt have anti-slip performance, but the anti-slip effect of the two is not the same, in fact, the plane conveyor belt is a good choice. Because the surface is flat, it can effectively increase the friction force and increase the wear resistance, but for the pattern conveyor belt, the anti-slip effect is better than the plane conveyor belt. The pattern conveyor belt contains many patterns, including diamond grain conveyor belt, grass grain conveyor belt, straight stripe conveyor belt, I-shaped conveyor belt, sawtooth grain, golf grain, snake skin grain, tire grain and many other patterns.
The pattern conveyor belt can effectively increase the friction force, increase the grip, increase the stability of the product, and reduce the offset of the product. Of course, you can also have different roller customized with different patterns. Plane conveyor belt Plane conveyor belt is a common series of conveyor belt, widely used in many industries, common color is green, multi-color optional, thickness can be customized, performance can be adjusted, low cost, high performance, easy installation, has the characteristics of diversified customization, enough to meet the conventional transportation, much loved by customers.
The different environmental requirements for products and transportation, many products require delivery has non-slip effect, so advise you to buy antiskid conveyor belt, need to buy is pattern conveyor belt, if you want to buy wear-resisting recommends buying plane conveyor belt conveyor belt, but these are need to customize the processing according to their own needs.
For the choice of conveyor belt, or depends on their own working environment, the delivery of different products to customize, after all, only suitable for their own is good. However, when choosing the conveyor belt, if you do not choose, you can come to consult us, we will provide you with one-stop guidance.