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What is the allowable limit of functional chamfering size of idler bearings

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Update time : 2022-11-15 17:58:28
During the process of fixing and reducing the friction coefficient of load components, next introduce the functions of the trailing Charles bearing for you:
1. Smooth organization structure, fine fiber, high cleanliness, can inhibit the abnormal sound of imported bearings in the process of operation, meet the temporary operation requirements of high-speed imported bearings with DN value above 500,000.
2. Excellent temperature resistance, smoothness, good colloid tranquility and mechanical tranquility.
3. Strong water resistance, can withstand water washing, and adhere to the hardness in a wide temperature range, excellent oxidation resistance, good wear resistance, resulting in a very long service life, service life is 5-10 times of lithium based fat.
4. Extremely high low temperature acceptance and high speed shear roller cutting ability, so that it can cope with the low temperature and high speed environment.
5. Use temperature range of -40~230℃, short time up to 250℃.
Characteristics of standard idlers:.
1, the roller rotation resistance is small, energy saving.
The rotation resistance coefficient of the idler varies with the diameter of the idler and the diameter of the bearing. Considering the existing conditions in the operation of the conveyor, the simulated friction coefficient can be less than 0.02 when calculating the power use of the idler of the belt conveyor, while the simulated friction coefficient of the ordinary idler should be 0.022~0.030.
2, permanent lubrication.
The roller is filled with high quality lithium No.2 grease in the manufacturing process, which is permanently sealed and does not need to add grease during use.
Supporting roller stamping bearing seat: Roller bearing seat is divided into two kinds, one is stamping bearing seat, the other is cast iron (gray iron) bearing seat, stamping bearing seat is mostly used with steel pipe welding, cast iron bearing seat are used with steel pipe extrusion, stamping bearing seat is characterized by good sealing, the overall bearing capacity is strong, the biggest characteristic of cast iron bearing seat is high concentricity, but bearing capacity is lower than stamping bearing seat.
Idler bearings: Bearings are the most important part of idlers, and the quality of bearings directly affects the service life of idlers. Therefore, it is more prudent to choose idler bearings than other idler accessories.
Roller seal: roller seal material is divided into polyethylene and nylon, polyethylene cost is low, but the wear resistance is relatively poor, on the contrary, the sealing cost of nylon material is relatively high, but the wear resistance of roller is high (identify whether it is nylon material, can put the seal into the water, sinking is the seal of nylon material, floating on the water is the seal of polyethylene material).
The accuracy of rolling bearings is divided into (main) dimensional accuracy and rotary accuracy. The accuracy grade has been standardized and divided into five grades: P0, P6, P5, P4 and P2. The permissible limit value of the chamfer size of roller accessories.
Dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and housing installation) :.
1, Tolerances for inner diameter, outer diameter, width and assembly width.
2. Allowable deviation of diameter of inner and outer complex circles of roller group.
3. Permissible limit of chamfering size.
4. Allowable variation of width.
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