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How to distinguish the pattern conveyor belt quality and application range

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Update time : 2022-11-16 11:23:40
As an indispensable equipment and facilities in the modern production industry, the transmission belt has a great amount of application. At present, the well-known domestic pattern conveyor belt manufacturers have customers throughout various industries. These transmission belts have high quality and high-end quality basis and strong practical advantages, so for these high-quality and stable pattern conveyor belts, we all have a high degree of recognition and trust. So as a buyer group, how to judge the quality level of pattern conveyor belt products.
1, look at manufacturing material selection.
The quality of pattern conveyor belt is first closely related to the grade of related materials selected for manufacturing. That is to say, no matter it is synthetic plastic material or all kinds of metal materials, there should be corresponding high-quality materials as the basis. These materials should have the basic characteristics of wear resistance, skid resistance and stability and durability, and can also meet the basic requirements of some special industries on health and environmental protection.
2. Understand the strength of manufacturers of heat-resistant conveyor belts.
We can also evaluate the quality level of its products from the perspective of the manufacturer of the pattern conveyor belt. It is very scientific to evaluate the quality of its products from the aspects of the manufacturer's research and development and manufacturing experience and basic configuration of the pattern conveyor belt. At the same time, the manufacturer with strong strength of the pattern conveyor belt is obviously more reliable in the aspect of after-sales service.
3. Look at the actual operation effect.
Of course, the more intuitive method is to see the quality level of the pattern conveyor belt in actual operation. On the one hand, the stability performance of the pattern conveyor belt of this material in different industries can be investigated. On the other hand, the direct experience and evaluation content of the manufacturers who have used the pattern conveyor belt for a long time can be consulted.
Identifying the quality level of the pattern conveyor belt is crucial to our actual use experience and quality control, and the specific method is to first look at the grade of all kinds of materials used when manufacturing the pattern conveyor belt, and then understand the reliability of the strength of the manufacturer in terms of experience and technical level. After that, it is also very important to investigate the performance of the running effect of the pattern conveyor belt in the practical application of all walks of life.
With the rapid development of the mechanical industry, the conveyor belt is more and more widely used in industry. So what industries can the conveyor belt be used in?
First, according to the classification of industry application, PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into tobacco industry conveyor belt, logistics industry conveyor belt, packaging industry conveyor belt, printing industry conveyor belt, food industry conveyor belt, wood industry conveyor belt, food processing industry conveyor belt, entertainment industry conveyor belt, aquatic industry conveyor belt, stone industry conveyor belt, etc.
Two, according to the performance classification can be divided into: Light climbing conveyor belt, high climbing conveyor belt, with baffle lifting conveyor belt, vertical elevator belt, anti-slip conveyor belt, sander conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, heavy goods conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, light goods conveyor belt, guide anti-deviation conveyor belt, punching air suction conveyor belt (suction fan belt), conveyor belt with harrow nail, spiral lifting conveyor belt, Turning and lifting conveyor belt, ultra-wide goods conveyor belt, groove conveyor belt, raising block conveyor belt, retaining conveyor belt, groove conveyor belt, knife edge conveyor belt, etc.
Third, there are a wide variety of materials transported by the conveyor belt, which is not only used in conveying a variety of bulk materials, but also used in conveying a variety of cartons, packaging bags and other small single pieces of cargo, which is widely used in mechanized production.
Four, conveyor belt conveyor line is widely used in household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food and other industries, objects assembly, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation, line conveying can be selected according to the process requirements: Ordinary continuous operation, beat operation, variable speed operation and other control methods, usually called "belt line, assembly line, conveyor, conveyor line" and so on.