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What are the common faults of belt conveyor?

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Update time : 2023-03-02 11:18:30
1. The motor cannot start or slows down immediately after starting
The reasons for this phenomenon are mainly manifested in the following aspects: (1) line fault; ② Protect electronic control system lock; ③ Contactor failure; ④ The voltage drops.
In this case, the line should be checked in time to check the deviation, limit, stop along the line and other protection. Check the voltage, check the overload relay.
2 Motor heating
Due to overload, excessive length or the conveyor belt is blocked, the operation resistance increases, the motor is overloaded, the lubrication condition of the transmission system is poor, and the motor power increases. Secondly, dust accumulates in the motor fan inlet or radial gasket, which worsens the heat dissipation conditions. The solution is: find out the cause of overload operation; Timely supplementary lubrication of each transmission part; Remove dust.
3. Conveyor belt deviation
① Installation quality problems. The frame and drum are not adjusted straight, and the line of the supporting roller is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt. At this time, the frame or roller should be adjusted to keep it straight.
(2) Conveyor belt quality problems. The conveyor belt joint is not vertical to the center, and the conveyor belt edge is Z-shaped. It should be re-made to ensure that the joint is vertical to the center line of the conveyor belt, cut off the not straight part and redo the joint.
③ Loading quality problem. The loading point is not in the center of the conveyor belt (off-load). The blanking point should be adjusted.
4. Aging and tearing problem of conveyor belt
The conveyor belt and the frame friction, producing belt edge hair, cracking. Should be adjusted in time to avoid long-term deviation of the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt interferes with a fixed hard object to tear. Prevent the conveyor belt from swinging onto fixed members or falling into metal members in the conveyor belt. The tension force is too large, the laying is too short, and the number of flexure exceeds the limit value, resulting in premature aging.
5 Broken tape
The material of belt body is not suitable for water and cold. The core should be made of materials with stable mechanical and physical properties. The conveyor belt is used for a long time, the strength becomes worse, and the damaged or aging conveyor belt must be replaced in time. Always observe the joint and deal with the problem in time.
6 Roller does not turn
(1) The roller does not contact the conveyor belt. The position of the roller should be raised so that it is in contact with the conveying.
The shell of the roller is blocked by the material, or the end face of the roller interferes with the support of the roller. At this time, it is necessary to remove the material, add a washer or correct the roller support at the interference part, so that the end face is out of contact.
(3) The roller seal is not good, so that the coal powder into the bearing and cause the bearing jam. The roller should be disassembled and cleaned in time.
7 Skid problem
The belt tension force is insufficient, the load is too large to cause the belt slip, should be readjustedthe tension force, reduce the volume of transport. Secondly, the friction coefficient between the drum and the conveyor belt is reduced because of the water. At this time, the water should be eliminated, the tensioning force should be increased, and the rubber pattern roller should be used.
Belt conveyor is a continuous transport machine with flexible tractive components. Due to its large transportation capacity, running resistance, low power consumption, stable operation, small crushing of materials in operation, continuous operation easy to realize automatic control. Therefore, it is widely used in various sectors of national economy. But in the process of use, there are also many problems. It is necessary to master reasonable operation methods and adjust all links in time to avoid the above faults, so as to ensure that the belt conveyor plays its role in application.
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