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Light belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-03-01 17:15:36
Light belt conveyor is different from fixed belt conveyor, mainly used in chemical industry, electronics, food processing and other industries. It has the characteristics of small transport, low belt speed and stable operation. Compared with the belt conveyor, the production cost is relatively large because of the high precision. The main specifications are 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, etc. The height is determined according to the actual production situation. Light belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor, suitable for food, chemical, medicine, warehouse, food, wharf and other industries. With the characteristics of light load, low linear speed, can be continuous conveying materials. The conveyor belt adopts white or green food grade conveyor belt, durable, clean and sanitary. In the selection of design, is based on other conveying capacity and conveying distance (including horizontal length and lifting height) after checking calculation. Combination length of light belt conveyor (horizontal distance between head and tail wheel)L≤30m.
Technical parameters:
< 1> The machine is divided into two kinds: flat and groove, flat: used for B=100~500mm; Groove: bracket groove Angle λ=15°, only for B=300~500mm.
< 2> The distance between the upper rollers is 500mm and 1000mm.
< 3> Bandwidth specifications ::B=100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm and 500mm..
< 4> The middle frame is thin-walled steel structure, and its standard length is 1000mm, 1400mm and 2000mm, so as to form a variety of different lengths of conveyors.
Driving device:
The light belt conveyor is equipped with three driving devices, namely worm drive device, cycloidal pin gear reducer drive device and extra light air cooled electric roller. It is recommended to use extra lightweight air-cooled electric roller. When using aerial belt conveyor, only air-cooled electric roller can be used.
Installation requirements:
Light belt conveyor layout is divided into two types: overhead type and ground type.
< 1> When the aerial belt conveyor is selected, the head and tail ends should be fixed on the nearby equipment or the floor with a rigid bracket, and the length of the overhanging cantilever should not exceed 1000mm.
< 2> The driving device shall be firmly installed on the rigid bracket or head frame of the head, and there shall be no shaking phenomenon during operation.
< 3> For the head, tail wheel, upper and lower support, conveyor belt and frame installation technical requirements are the same as the ordinary belt conveyor.
Scope of application:
< 1> Light belt conveyor can effectively transport bulk material, the groove Angle transmission, can carry fast particle size, grinding cut lower material, suitable for light industry, chemical industry, food processing and other bulk material transportation.
< 2> , packaging and finished goods transportation, such as food processing in bags of food, fruit and vegetable processing in the whole fruit and vegetable, as well as parts processing of the delivery. Can be very useful.
< 3> Production site requirements, normal operation site requirements in indoor, dry environment, except for this type of loading model.
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