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Movable belt conveyor installation precautions

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Update time : 2023-03-07 11:35:07
Mobile belt conveyor structure is light and reasonable, can be moved at any time, can be widely used in light industry and other industries in the transportation operation. In order to have a good effect in the process of use, it is necessary to install the equipment correctly. When installing the mobile belt conveyor, the following problems need to be paid attention to: pay attention to the assembly size of each part of the fuselage when installing, and keep the flatness of the whole machine. Tighten the bolts when installing bolt fasteners. When making the belt joint, align the center line of the belt at both ends to prevent the deviation of the belt. Precautions for the installation of the mobile belt conveyor. You need to pay attention to these problems when installing the components.
1) Installation of idlers
During the specific operation period of the mobile belt conveyor, the idlers play a key role. The installation quality of the idlers should be strictly mastered to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, and the service life of the machinery and equipment should be increased at a certain level. During the installation of idlers, the idlers on each part should be installed first, and then the idler stands on the left and right parts should be installed, so as to promote the transmission belt to complete directional changing operation during the operation period.
In the whole process of idler installation, the installation interval should be well controlled. In general, everything is normal
Moving belt conveyor /3 ~ 1/2 is the installation interval. After the idler is installed, strict inspection is carried out on the transmission belt to ensure that the belt can rotate easily and that the idler frame has the high width ratio firmness.
2) Installation of tension device
In the whole process of the installation of the mobile belt conveyor, the effective installation of the tension device can reasonably compensate the plastic deformation and elastic deformation of the conveyor belt, to ensure that the conveyor belt to maintain sufficient support, to prevent the belt conveyor in the operation of the deviation.
When installing the tension device, check the device first to ensure that the galvanized wire rope is not broken, corrosion and other conditions, and to ensure that the conveyor belt will not be loose.
Ensure that the installation position is effective. In general, install the device in the full load supporting position close to the driving drum to ensure that the belt conveyor is not easy to run off when starting or braking system. In order to reduce tension in a greater level, as far as possible in the conveyor belt support less parts of the installation of tension devices.
3) Installation of engine support frame
The engine support frame is immediately related to whether the mobile belt conveyor can work stably. In order to give full play to all the normal characteristics of the belt conveyor reasonably, before the installation of the engine, the installation part of the support frame to carry out effective and accurate positioning, to ensure that the engine support frame part and the belt conveyor in the same parallel line, and occupy the management part, to ensure that the belt conveyor can be more stable and balanced operation.
During the actual installation of the engine support frame, the transportation spacing between each section is maintained to be the same. In addition, all the support frame sections will vertically manage the position and maintain on the same parallel line. After the engine support frame is installed, strict testing is carried out on the vertical transport inclination Angle and leveling part of the belt conveyor to ensure that the parts are in accordance with the relevant specifications and that the aspect ratio of the slope is effective.
In the installation stage, ensure that the overall axis deviation of the belt conveyor is not more than 35 mm, single and double row sound card frame matched axis to ensure that the deviation per meter is ±0. Within a millimeter.
4) Installation of driver device
The key device of the mobile belt conveyor in the specific operation period is the drive device, so as to ensure the reasonable operation of the machine equipment and fully grasp the specific installation key points of the drive device.
Mobile belt conveyor in the accelerated operation period, the drive belt is very easy to offset, so that the greater level to reduce the incidence of deviation, in the installation period to ensure the parallel surface of the reducer and rotating shaft.
After the installation of the driver device, the actual operating personnel to carry out inspection of the entire equipment, and carry out test testing, to ensure that all components of the machine and equipment are in line with the relevant specifications and requirements, and the error of the shaft of the driver device on a horizontal parallel line is within 0.5 ~ 1.5 mm.