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Two support forms of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2022-12-29 09:59:11
Belt conveyor is a more economical way of horizontal transportation, but also can be used for slope transportation. The belt can be supported by a roller or a metal slide. The belt type drum, frame and drive unit can be combined in a number of ways, depending on the delivery of goods and the application requirements of the system to determine which way. Belt section will also affect the end of the conveyor drum and drive design, such as thicker belt and heavier materials need a larger pulley diameter.
Belt support type:
(1) Sliding plate type:
The lower part of the belt is supported by a skateboard. The general type of skateboard is used for light load and low speed under 30 m/min.
(2) Drum type:
Under the belt to the drum support, the drum type bed needs less power, and the belt life is longer, the conveying capacity is larger.
Belt conveyor load capacity:
The load capacity of the belt conveyor has a great relationship with the belt support type. The drum type not only has a larger conveying capacity, but also has a larger load capacity.