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The role of long distance belt conveyor with sweeper

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Update time : 2022-12-27 10:45:04
What is the function of installing a cleaner on a long distance belt conveyor? In the process of conveying materials by a long distance conveyor, if the residual attached material enters the roller (between the upper and lower belts) or the bearing seat of the roller, it will accelerate the bearing wear, the material stuck on the surface of the roller or the roller will tear and pull the surface rubber of the conveyor belt, accelerate the wear and destruction of the conveyor belt, and also lead to the deviation of the belt. It will increase the wear of the conveyor belt, It will increase the wear of the conveyor belt, and even tear the rubber layer of the pulley, causing serious consequences.
Types of long-distance conveyor cleaners: conveyor cleaners, rotary cleaners polyurethane cleaners, alloy rubber cleaners, spring cleaners, belt cleaners, brush cleaners, electric vacuum cleaners closed cleaners, scraper cleaners, electric rolling brush cleaners, etc.
If the cleaning device is effective, the service life of idlers, conveyor belts and rollers can be extended. Therefore, the cleaning capacity of the cleaner plays a decisive role in improving the operation efficiency and reliability of the long-distance conveyor, reducing the equipment failure rate and reducing the maintenance cost.