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DTII belt conveyor common skid causes and solutions

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Update time : 2022-12-27 10:51:12
DTII belt conveyor in the daily work can well meet the production needs of customers, but there will be some problems, the more common is the belt skid, the following for you to introduce some influence belt conveyor belt skid common reasons.
I. When DTII belt conveyor starts, the initial tension is too small:
When the DTII belt conveyor starts up, the initial tension is not enough, which causes the belt of the belt conveyor to slip. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the initial tension and adjust the tensioning device.
Two, DTII belt conveyor overload operation, resulting in skid:
The overload operation of the DTII belt conveyor will lead to the slip of the belt conveyor, but the slip in this case has a protective effect on the motor of the belt conveyor.
Three, the friction is not enough:
The DTII belt conveyor realizes the conveying of materials through the friction between the driving roller of the belt conveyor and the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor. If the friction between the belt conveyor and the driving roller is too strong, the belt conveyor will slip, so as to not be able to transport normally. Need to use the blast equipment to blow some rosin powder into the belt conveyor roller, to increase the friction.