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Mining belt conveyor body deviation and accident causes

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Update time : 2022-12-26 11:28:36
After investigation and research, the main reasons for the deviation of mine belt conveyor are mechanical reasons and human reasons.
The machine itself:
1) Steel frame bearing mine belt conveyor has poor strength, short application time and easy deformation;
2) Idlers are not clean, sundries are not cleaned or single-side idler bearing rotates slowly, which is not consistent with the speed of mining belt machine;
3) Unreasonable installation of the machine, such as incorrect installation of the feeder and cleaner;
4) The anti-deviation device of mine belt machine is not designed in the design of the machine;
5) The belt of mining belt conveyor is seriously damaged and not checked and repaired in time;
6) The height design of mine belt conveyor is not reasonable, and the trial run time is short.
Human causes:
1) Lack of professional personnel to carry out regular inspection and repair of its devices;
2) Lack of training for employees leads to slow discovery of problems;
3) Do not pay attention to the maintenance of the device;
4) Lack of safety awareness among employees leads to safety accidents.
The main causes of belt conveyor accidents:
Nowadays, more and more safety accidents are caused by the deviation of mine belt conveyor. The main reasons are as follows:
1) Workers do not work according to the safety standards, resulting in the incorrect transport mode of mine belt conveyor, resulting in safety accidents.
2) There are few professionals in the enterprise, and the professional training of the staff is not timely.
3) There are problems in some devices of mine belt conveyor, such as support, blanking port and other devices, which lead to safety accidents of mine belt conveyor.
4) Mine belt conveyor is not equipped with anti-deviation device, resulting in late detection of mine belt conveyor deviation, resulting in safety accidents.