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The driving device and tail device of belt conveyor are installed

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Update time : 2023-04-17 10:31:02

Installation of belt conveyor

After receiving the civil engineering handover procedure list, arrange the wiring according to the drawing size immediately. Retest the center line, elevation, buried anchor bolts and buried plates of the foundation, and check with the drawings and actual equipment size. After the retest results are qualified, the installation datum point is buried and laid out. After the position of the pad is marked, the surface where the pad is placed is shoveled out for grinding. After the pad is levelled, the equipment is placed in place successively.
2. In the installation of the equipment, the leveling and alignment of the driving wheel and base should be carried out first. After the center, elevation and level meet the requirements of the drawings and specifications, the anchor bolts should be tightened and the cushion iron should be hardened.
3. When installing the reducer, it is necessary to adjust the driving wheel as the benchmark to ensure the requirements of drawings and random files on the size of each part.
4. The installation of the shaft connecting device adopts hot assembly. First of all, we should carefully check the specific size of the shaft and hole, and formulate the heating time and temperature value; Do a sample size equal to the actual value of the hole after heating, at any time to measure the size of the heating aperture, to prevent heating is not enough or fire, in heating to prepare cooling items (rags, water), and to do a good job of fire prevention.