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The application range of large dip Angle belt conveyor in various industries

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Update time : 2023-04-13 19:20:36
Large dip belt conveyor is the replacement of bucket lifting machine conveyor equipment in recent years, in the light industry, users like to call it climbing belt conveyor, in the heavy industry is called large dip belt conveyor, because of its small footprint, can be large Angle conveying and even vertical conveying materials, throughput is also relatively large, so it has been a lot of users' favor.
At present, large Angle belt conveyor has been widely used in coal, mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, ceramics and other industries, such as: raw coal, coke, pulverized coal, gravel, gravel, fertilizer, steel slag, broken glass, lime block, kaolin and other powdery, granular, small block materials.
According to the different site or material nature, the choice of model is also very different; According to the shape of large dip Angle belt conveyor classification, can be divided into: open, closed two types; Open big dip Angle belt conveyor is mainly used in the field without environmental protection requirements or conveying large materials, not easy to produce dust phenomenon; Closed large dip Angle belt conveyor is mainly for environmental protection needs, and transformation, mainly used for powder, granular materials, according to the needs of users, can be designed to be half closed or fully closed.
Large Angle belt conveyor common bandwidth model is: B500, B650, B800, B1000, B1200, B1400 (mm); Conveying Angle between 30-90°; Conveying material particle size is larger, the choice of Angle should be smaller; Under normal circumstances, the transmission Angle below 70° is the best, when the transmission Angle is more than 70°, can only transport small particle materials or powder materials, more than 5mm of materials, easy to cause the material slide site, affect the delivery effect.
The conveyor belt structure of the belt conveyor with large dip Angle is that there are rubber corrugated vertical "skirts" on both sides of the flat rubber transport belt, and there are certain strength and elasticity of the diaphragm between the skirts to form a box bucket, so that materials can be continuously transported in the bucket. If the material particle size is too large, the box bucket can not load the material. Therefore, it is recommended not to use the belt conveyor with large dip Angle if the material particle size is more than 20cm.
For conveying materials with special requirements, such as high temperature resistance, acid, alkaline, oily substances or organic solvents and other components of the material, the need to use a special conveyor for transportation belt, such as: high temperature conveyor belt, corrosion proof conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, etc., contact with the material part of the frame or baffle, can be made of stainless steel.