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There are three reasons for the noise of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-03-28 18:29:57
There are three main situations of belt conveyor noise: the noise of belt conveyor idler with serious eccentricity, the noise of belt conveyor coupling two axes with different centers, and the abnormal noise of belt conveyor reversing drum and driving drum. The following are the causes and solutions of these three situations to do a specific analysis:
First, belt conveyor roller serious eccentric noise
Abnormal noise and periodic vibration often occur to idlers during the operation of belt conveyors. Especially the return roller, because of its large length, since the weight, noise is relatively large. Noise has two main causes.
1. The wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe used for manufacturing idlers is uneven, resulting in greater centrifugal force. 2. When machining, the deviation between the center of the bearing holes at both ends and the center of the outer circle is large, so that the centrifugal force is too large.
Solution: It can continue to be used under the condition that the bearing is not damaged and noise is allowed.
Two, belt conveyor coupling two axes of different centers of noise
Abnormal noise from the coupling between the motor at the high speed end of the drive and the reducer or the coupling with the brake wheel, This noise is also accompanied by vibrations at the same frequency as the motor turns.
Solution: The position of the motor reducer should be adjusted in time to avoid the fracture of the input shaft of the reducer. 3. Abnormal noise of belt conveyor reversing drum and driving drum
The noise is very small when the reversing cylinder and the driving cylinder work normally. When the abnormal noise occurs, the bearing is generally damaged and the bearing seat makes a rattling sound.
Solution: Replace the bearing.