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Skirt flapper belt conveyor installation process details

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Update time : 2022-11-16 11:27:08
Belt conveyor, also called belt conveyor or belt conveyor, is an indispensable economic logistics conveying equipment for the composition of the rhythmic flow line. Belt conveyor according to its conveying capacity can be divided into heavy belt conveyor such as mine belt conveyor. According to its bracket structure there are two kinds of belt conveyor, fixed and type; According to the transmission of ordinary continuous operation, beat operation, variable speed operation and other control; Line body selected according to local conditions: straight line, curve, slope and other line body forms. Continuous or intermittent delivery of 100KG or less articles or powder, granular articles, its applicable working temperature is generally -25~ 40℃; High speed, stable operation, low noise, can be used for uphill transmission; Uphill transmission and other characteristics. Conveying material loose density of 500~2500kg/m3 all kinds of bulk materials or pieces. By a single or multiple units of synthetic transport to transport materials, according to the process requirements can be arranged into a horizontal or inclined form; In addition to horizontal or inclined transportation requirements, can also be used with convex arc segment, concave arc segment and linear segment combination of transportation form. Conveyor allows the delivery of material block depends on the bandwidth, belt speed, slot Angle and dip Angle, also depends on the bulk material manufacturers exempt middlemen, producers directly meet the user, simplified circulation, shorten the circulation time to achieve the real manufacturers preferential prices.
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