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Cushion roller anticorrosive performance superior surface rust prevention

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Update time : 2022-11-16 11:18:37
Roller body special polymer material, its mechanical properties are similar to bronze, has good wear resistance, but also has good self-lubrication performance, does not hurt the belt.
The roller body and sealing parts are made of polymer materials, corrosion resistant, used in corrosive situations, the service life can reach more than 5 times of the ordinary roller.
The special polymer material for the roller is light in weight, and the proportion is 1/7 of that of steel. The weight of the roller made of this material is about half of that of the ordinary roller. The rotation inertia is small, and the friction between the roller and the belt is small.
The sealing structure of the roller of the belt transmission machine includes a roller tube and a built-in roller shaft. The bearing seat at both ends of the roller shaft is provided with a bearing, which is characterized by a retaining ring between the inner side of the bearing and the inner side of the bearing seat, and an inner sealing ring, an outer sealing ring, a sealing ring, a separation ring and a cover plate are arranged outward from the bearing. The void space in the bearing seat is filled with grease.
The beneficial effects of the new model are: The inner side of the bearing has a retaining ring seal to prevent the water vapor and rust inside the idler tube from entering, and the outer side of the bearing has an inner and outer sealing ring, sealing ring, separation ring and cover plate multi-channel labyrinth seal with good sealing performance. The combined idlers and steel idlers provide supporting services for transmission systems such as docks, mines, factories, power plants and grain depots, especially suitable for conveying acid, alkali, salt and chemical industry. Chemical and other corrosive materials and high fire protection coefficient of the workplace.
Roller roller accessories surface rust pretreatment method:.
1, surface cleaning: cleaning must be combined with the nature of the bearing surface and the conditions at the time, the commonly used methods are solvent cleaning, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning.
2, the surface can be dried and cleaned with filtered dry compressed air, or dry with a dryer at 120~170℃, and finally dry with clean gauze.
Bearings in traditional idler are very easy to damage, so many manufacturers that use idler complain of bearing quality in our country is poor, superstitious SKF, NSK and other foreign bearings. In fact, our country idler speed is not high, load is not large, no impact, and the service life of ordinary idler accessories bearings in idler can reach more than 15 years.
The life of the supporting roller is closely related to the rotating resistance and sealing performance of the supporting roller.
1. The bearing life of rollers with an average rotating resistance of 1N can reach more than 15 years; for rollers with 2.5-3N, the bearing life can be about 5 years at most; for rollers with 5-8N, the bearing life can not exceed 1 year. The criteria of judgment vary according to the mechanical properties, importance and inspection cycle, etc. If there is any damage, the bearing shall not be reused and must be replaced.
1) Rupture and defect of bearing parts of idler accessories.
2) Stripping of rolling surface of raceway surface.
2. Cleaning: When the bearings of the supporting roller accessories are removed for inspection, the appearance should be recorded by photography and other methods. In addition, the amount of remaining lubricants should be confirmed and the lubricant should be collected, and then the bearings should be cleaned.
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