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Wavy edge conveyor belt advantages and maintenance!

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Update time : 2022-11-17 11:43:38
Advantages of wavy edge conveyor belt:
1 Solves the transportation problem from low to high, and can realize the smooth transition from flat to high.
2. The transportation problem of powdery materials to the height is solved, because powdery materials are easy to pour and slide, and the baffle and partition can prevent this problem.
3. Solved the problem of land area, improved the use of space and land area capital.
4. The adhesive tape has longer service life and better wear resistance than that of ordinary manufacturers.
5 can reach 90 degrees of dip conveyor.
Wavy guard conveyor belt maintenance problems:
First, according to the conveyor belt operation, timely adjust the relevant equipment. Prevent the conveyor belt from running away from the belt edge wear and damage the upper and lower cover glue. Cause the wire rope to expose and fall off.
2. Remove the attachments on the surface of the driving drum in time to prevent bubbling, steel wire rope pumping, vulcanized joint elongation and other conditions affecting the strength of the joint due to the uneven force of the joint caused by the irregular appearance of the drum surface.
Third, the vulcanized joint is the weak part of the conveyor belt strength. The joint opening is initially manifested as glue cracking, and water is immersed into the steel wire rope through the gap of the core rubber, causing steel wire rope rust, broken wire, pumping, etc. The connection should be checked regularly
Change of head elongation, abnormal surface changes, do a good job of preventive inspection, the defects of the vulcanized joint timely repair.