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Six reasons of belt damage of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-04-21 10:02:28
Belt conveyor with its long distance, large volume, continuous transport characteristics, more and more widely used, has become the main way of material transport. From the use of the belt conveyor, the belt input accounts for about 80% of the maintenance cost of the belt conveyor, so strengthening the maintenance of the belt, reducing the belt input, extending the service life of the belt has become an important aspect of improving the belt conveyor's operation efficiency and reducing the maintenance cost. Belt damage is an inevitable problem in the operation of belt conveyor. How to repair the damaged belt reasonably and reduce the downtime is very important. This article shares 6 reasons of belt conveyor belt damage and 4 methods of belt repair.
From the structure of the belt and the function of each part, the belt can be divided into core (tensile layer) and upper and lower glue and side glue (protective layer) two parts. The core of the belt is the skeleton, whose function is mainly to withstand tension. The more layers there are, the greater the ability to withstand tension. Side glue and surface glue are protective layers. Its function is mainly wear resistance, corrosion resistance, prevent material direct impact, play a buffer, protect the core skeleton role.
From the actual use, the damage of tape is mainly caused by the following reasons:
(1) Each lap point of belt conveyor or each transfer point in the system loses elasticity due to the drop or tail buffer roller, and when large pieces of coal or gangue fall from the top, the formation of greater impact force and break the covering layer of the belt, and even break the belt core, forming a hole. Especially when the material is enfitted with sharp objects, such as bolt, it is easy to scratch the tape, causing the tape to tear lengthwise.
(2) The roller frame is easy to scratch the belt due to the defects of the roller during the operation of the conveyor.
(3) When the conveyor belt passes through the drum, foreign bodies are involved and the belt is damaged.
(4) edge wear. The main reason is that the belt runs off, causing friction between the belt and the frame, resulting in edge hair cracking. Belt edge wear, water from the damage immersion, over time, the core gradually rot, steel rope core gradually corrosion fracture.
(5) The belt joint is poor, the joint is uneven or uneven, resulting in the uneven force of the belt and the rupture.
(6) The belt tensioning force is too large, also easy to make the belt in advance aging damage.
There are many reasons for belt damage, and corresponding measures should be taken to prevent different damage reasons. Especially when the tape damage is found, it should be repaired in time to prevent the damage from continuing to expand and cause broken tape.
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