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Adjustment of conveyor belt tension of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-04-26 13:53:22
The initial tension necessary for a belt conveyor (belt conveyor) to function properly (without slipping) varies with the volume and length of transport. Excessive initial tension will lead to premature aging of conveyor belt; After running for a period of time, the conveyor belt may relax and cause the initial tension to decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the initial tension of the conveyor belt in time. In the process of adjusting the initial tension, if it is found that the traveling car has poor contact with the track, or the car twists, it should be dealt with in time, otherwise the conveyor belt will run off.
In the whole machine laying process, due to the roadway floor uneven, there may be uneven places. The protruding part of the bottom plate should be adjusted into a gentle convex curve to prevent the load from concentrating on individual rollers. If necessary, the number of idlers can be increased. In addition, the concave part of the plate must be adjusted to the whole conveyor belt and any group of rollers can contact so far.