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Belt conveyor deviation switch

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Update time : 2023-04-19 18:57:34
Deviation switch is a product used to detect the deviation amount of belt belt conveyor, which can automatically alarm and stop the conveyor belt in case of deviation.
Working principle
When the conveyor belt runs off, the conveyor belt touches the vertical roll of the switch and deflects it. When the conveyor belt runs off seriously and reaches the level 2 switch Angle, the switch sends a stop signal to realize the automatic stop of the conveyor belt when the conveyor belt runs off.
Scope of application
Two-stage deviation switch for conventional belt conveyor: underground, ropeway support belt conveyor: ship loading and unloading system; Stacking/taking conveyor; Inclined and shuttle conveyors; Crane, excavator, lifting arm limit: skirt feeder/conveyor: heavy limit switch to detect the deviation of the belt, is to realize the automatic alarm and stop of the belt machine control protection device. Widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement building materials, mining, electric power, port, metallurgy, chemical and other fields of various belt conveyor equipment.
Installation and adjustment
1. The deviation switch shall be located on both sides of the conveyor belt, and the vertical roller shall be perpendicular to the side plane of the conveyor belt, and the two sides of the conveyor belt shall be located at 1/3 of the height of the vertical roller.
2. The distance between the vertical roll of the deviation switch and the normal position of the conveyor belt should be 50 ~ 100mm.
3. The number of deviation switches should be determined according to the length, type and layout of the conveyor. Generally, it should be set in the conveyor head, tail, convex arc, concave arc and in the middle of the conveyor. (Note: When the conveyor is long, 1 pair c