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Rubber conveyor belt hot vulcanization joint operation procedure

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Update time : 2023-01-18 17:48:37
1. Marking: The joint is designed according to the width of rubber conveyor belt. Straight step lap joint is adopted, and the actual lap length is half of the bandwidth.
Second, stripping layer: corresponding to stripping layer, the number of steps up and down the same position should be the same after adding.
Three, grinding: the surface of the sticky material grinding, coarse-exposed body.
Four, cleaning: decontamination, cleaning, drying. (Wash from side to side to avoid repeated contamination.)
Five, glue: in the clean dry adhesive surface evenly coated two to three times glue, not too thick. After the first time the glue is completely dry, apply the second time.
Six, baking: in order to save time and improve bonding strength can be used infrared or iodine tungsten lamp baking.
Seven, adhesion: adhesive liquid dry to a little stickiness, you can glue. Then beat with a rubber mallet 2-3 times (from the center to the four sides, so as to avoid bubbles, if bubbles appear inadvertently, you can Pierce with a needle, and then beat or crush). Dense (exhaust air) can be.
Eight, curing: after the adhesion of the conveyor belt at room temperature static curing for 40 minutes, you can run. If the curing time is extended, the optimum strength is reached after 12 hours.
Hot vulcanization connection: The made joint is polished, cleaned, dried and coated with glue, the joint is closed and fixed, and then the splint of the heating device is clamped, the pressure is applied, the temperature is heated to 140℃, the temperature is kept for 45 minutes, the heating is stopped, and the natural temperature is cooled to normal temperature.