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What are the protective devices of belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-01-19 14:20:51
Under the guidance of science and technology of the belt conveyor in our country, manufacturing technology is increasingly improving, continuous hydraulic active tension skills, turning skills, flexible braking skills, rubber belt anti-deviating skills, monitoring skills and frequency conversion skills are gradually used on the belt conveyor, which makes the belt conveyor safety reliability has been greatly improved.
The protection devices of belt conveyor include anti-run deviation protection device, anti-skid protection device, coal stacking protection device, anti-tear protection device, smoke temperature alarm fire extinguishing system device, check protection device, along the line protection device, fly belt protection device and comprehensive protection and centralized control device.
1, belt conveyor anti-deviation protection device
It is composed of anti-deviation sensor and control box. When the conveyor belt runs off, the conveyor belt immediately touches the transmission rod of the sensor, so that the moving contact of the sensor and the fixed contact contact contact, and the breakpoint stop of the belt conveyor is controlled through the control box. Generally, roller travel switch with handle is used to detect the deviation of conveyor belt.
2, belt conveyor anti-skid protection device
It is by detecting the speed change of the conveyor belt, to know whether the driving drum and the conveyor belt skid device. During the normal operation of the conveyor, when the belt speed is reduced to a certain value, the low-speed alarm signal of skid will occur. After the rotating speed of the driving roller is lower than 70% of the normal speed for a certain period of time, the protection device will send out an automatic stop instruction, so that the conveyor belt will stop running to protect the conveyor.
3. Coal stacking protection device of belt conveyor
It is a device used to detect whether the coal bunker is full or whether the transfer point is piled up. When coal piling occurs, coal piling protection device controls the shutdown of belt conveyor.
4, belt conveyor tear protection device
Anti-tear protection device is composed of anti-tear sensor and control box. Its function is to control the stop of belt conveyor in time when the belt conveyor longitudinal tearing accident occurs and prevent the expansion of the tearing accident.
5, belt conveyor smoke temperature alarm fire extinguishing system device
The smoke temperature alarm and fire extinguishing system is mainly composed of control box, sensor, sound and light alarm and water spraying device. Generally, the sensor of smoke protection is photosensitive and gas-sensitive element, and its installation position is generally in the roadway within 5m range of the lower tuyere of the nose unloading drum.
6, belt conveyor check protection device
The function of the check protection device is to prevent the belt conveyor from reversing and running fast.
7, belt conveyor along the protection device
The function of the protection device along the belt conveyor is to stop the operation of the conveyor artificially at any part of the belt conveyor and timely control the occurrence and expansion of belt conveyor accidents.
8, belt conveyor fly belt protection device
Its function is to capture the conveyor belt in time to prevent flying belt accidents when the conveyor belt is out of control or the conveyor belt and the roller slip after braking.
9, belt conveyor comprehensive protection and centralized control device
The integrated protection device has two operation modes of centralized control and single control. The centralized control has the function of interlocking protection, that is, when a certain machine stops, the belt conveyor that supplies coal to it stops interlocking and has the function of reverse coal flow delay and sequential start.