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Installation and application of belt conveyor with large dip Angle

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Update time : 2023-01-18 17:39:38
The construction steps of the belt conveyor with corrugated flange and the general belt conveyor have both the same and different places. The main construction steps are:
(1) Bracket installation. According to the characteristic parameters of the conveyor and the space conditions of the specific installation environment, the support (including the unloading point head frame, the bearing point tail frame and the middle support frame, etc.) should be firmly fixed. If the foundation is sandstone or other rock with rock coefficient f > 4, it is not necessary to build the concrete foundation in advance. As long as the rock bolt drill is used to drill the foundation hole and anchor bolt can be fixed.
(2) corrugated baffle conveyor belt. When the corrugated flange conveyor belt is delivered to the user by the manufacturer, it is vulcanized into a closed loop form according to the user's requirements. This installation process is different from the conveyor belt laying of the general belt conveyor. Therefore, the work to develop safe operating procedures, clear lifting equipment layout personnel division of labor and cooperation, unified dispatch command, to ensure that neither damage the corrugated conveyor belt, but also to ensure the safety of construction personnel.
(3) After the initial laying of the corrugated conveyor belt, the head driving roller, belt support wheel, lower belt support roller, upper belt support roller, press belt wheel and tail guide roller can be installed successively.
(4) Adjust the belt with corrugated baffle, and adjust the appropriate tension by using the tensioning device of the tail guide drum.
(5) Install other facilities, such as comprehensive protection devices, etc.
(6) Complete machine regulation no-load test run, fill in the test run report.