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Regular maintenance of the double-speed chain conveyor put into use

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Update time : 2023-05-04 11:41:20

The double-speed chain conveyor is a device that realizes material transmission through chain transmission and mechanical transmission. It can well solve the problem of long-distance and mass transportation of materials.

In the automation equipment industry, the double-speed chain assembly line is also a common type in the production workshop. The stations of the assembly line are an essential part of the production workshop, and the products pass through the double-speed chain assembly line from one station to the next. Compared with manual operation, it is much faster and more stable. It reduces the waste of human and material resources, and can also reduce production costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Any piece of equipment needs regular maintenance and maintenance, including the double-speed chain production line in automated production. The following are some introductions about the maintenance of double-speed chain conveyors:

1. Carry out regular maintenance and cleaning of the double-speed chain conveyor, such as wiping the front derailleur, rear derailleur, cleaning chain, etc., and replace worn and damaged parts in time;

2. Check the key positions of the double-speed chain conveyor, such as checking whether the parameters of the equipment are normal from the operating table, whether the chain is broken, whether the motor is overheated, etc.;

3. Wipe off the stains and dust on the chain plate in time, so as not to cause the short circuit of the equipment to delay the production operation;

4. Avoid using solvent-based degreasing solvents to clean the chain, otherwise the chain will be damaged, and the lubricating oil on the chain and bearings will also be washed away.

The maintenance and maintenance of the double-speed chain conveyor is directly related to the production efficiency and service life of the assembly line.

The above are some points about the maintenance and maintenance of the double-speed chain conveyor. The enterprise can arrange special personnel to carry out regular maintenance to better ensure the smooth progress of production.