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Types of Industrial Belts

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Update time : 2023-05-06 09:56:53

Industrial belts can be divided into different types according to their use and material.They can be divided into different types according to their uses and materials. Compared with gear transmission and chain transmission, industrial belts have the advantages of simple structure, low noise and low cost. Industrial belts are relatively applied in different fields due to their respective advantages.

1. Conveyor belt.

Among all industrial belts, conveyor belts are the most widely used, among which the most familiar belts, like production line equipment in the factory as a representative of conveyor belts are widely known, the choice of materials and the richness and flexibility of the market, which is also One of its main advantages.

The material of the conveyor belt is also diverse.

The PU belt is made of polyurethane material, which has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, and bending resistance; the PVC belt is made of polyvinyl chloride material, which is mainly used for light transportation. In addition, there are PVC, PVK, rubber, canvas, nylon and so on.

2. Transmission belt.

Transmission belts is mainly used to transmit power, usually to transmit the power of the motor to other equipment. For example: household appliances, computers, robots and other precision machinery industries. It also has excellent performance in the automotive field, and can be used to drive the connection device of the mechanical work of the automobile engine.

There are also many types of drive belts.

For example, V-belts are made of rubber or PU materials, which have excellent wear resistance and transmission ability; flat belts are made of one or more layers of materials, which are widely used in transmission and conveying fields; Tooth structure, used for transmission systems with high precision requirements. And agricultural machinery belts, high-speed oil-proof belts, round belts, transmission belts, V-ribbed belts, traction belts, etc.

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