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Operation method of cold adhesive joint of rubber conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-01-29 11:12:20
First, choose the right position of the rubber conveyor belt, pull the conveyor belt tight, and fix it with a splint.
2. According to the total length and bandwidth of the rubber conveyor belt, calculate the length and Angle of the conveyor belt joint, and then mark the line to draw the outline of the joint.
3. According to the required outline of rubber conveyor belt, use utility knife, peeling pliers, peeling machine, etc., to cut and strip conveyor belt joints in layers to make stepped lap surfaces. Canvas and tissue shall not be damaged during each layer of cutting, and the edge of belt joints shall be cut flat with the braided layer.
Four, surface treatment. The tungsten steel polishing sheet is used to evenly polish the surface to be bonded, remove the residual rubber layer, coarser the braid body, but do not damage the canvas body.
4. Clean the surface of the conveyor belt joint. If conditions permit, the conveyor belt joint cleaning agent can be used to clean it.
Five, the conveyor belt adhesive AB two groups to mix and stir evenly. Apply the glue evenly with a brush three times in one direction. Wait until completely dry before applying the next layer.
Six, wait until the third time glue seems to stick to the joint. Align the upper and lower bonding surface steps and align them with the conveying center line.
Seven, use the hand hammer from the middle to the four sides of the dense beat 2~3 times, row close to the air between the two lap surfaces.
Eight, check the joint and cut the irregular edges, so that the cold-adhesive conveyor belt joint process is completed, and the joint can be used after two hours of curing, 24 hours to achieve the best strength.