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There are 7 common ways to prevent mine belt conveyor from running off

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Update time : 2023-01-28 18:05:04
It is easy to cause safety accidents when mining belt conveyor runs off course. Nowadays, people gradually transform mining belt conveyor to avoid safety accidents in the process of production and application. The safe operation of the mechanical device is closely related to the mechanical device itself and the staff. To prevent the deviation of the mining belt conveyor is mainly carried out from the improvement of the installation and accessories of the mechanical device and personnel training.
1) Install the anti-deviation device of mine belt machine. In the process of designing a new type of mine belt conveyor, it is necessary to install an anti-deviation device for mine belt conveyor, strengthen the bearing capacity of the support, and avoid the mine belt conveyor from running off, resulting in slow production and safety accidents. In the process of installing the anti-deviation device should be installed at the same time real-time monitoring device, so that workers in the production process as soon as possible to find the problem, timely improvement.
2) Adjust the roller set of mine belt conveyor. Idler sets play an important role in the operation process of mine belt conveyor, but idler sets are easy to be contaminated with sundries in the production process, should be cleaned in time, and should adjust the length of the idler set mounting hole, lengthening it is conducive to the adjustment of mine belt machine later can directly use the long hole.
3) Adjust the position of blanking port of mine belt conveyor. The hopper or guide groove is used to adjust the position of the blanking port of the mining belt conveyor. In the actual operation of the mining belt conveyor, it is found that a large number of materials can not fall in the middle of the belt, which leads to the deviation of the mining belt conveyor. It is particularly important to transform the blanking port device of the mining belt conveyor.
4) Adjust the position of driving roller and reversing roller of mining belt conveyor. The roller is mainly used for driving, reversing and so on. The roller is an important device of the mining belt conveyor. If it deviates from the center position in the installation and operation process of the mining belt conveyor, the mining belt conveyor is easy to deviate.
5) Introduce professional talents. At present, the factory application of mining belt conveyor professional talent is less, the device and operation of mining belt conveyor is not skilled, easy to lead to mining belt conveyor deviation. Therefore, enterprises should introduce more professional talents, timely supervision and improvement of mine belt conveyor, timely discovery and solution of problems, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
6) Pay attention to staff training. The occurrence of safety accidents is often due to human negligence, so the enterprise should pay attention to the use of mining belt machine staff professional training, to obtain a certain qualification and then let it work in the post, and should establish a perfect assessment system, the mining belt machine and safety related knowledge timely assessment, to avoid in the daily production of mining belt machine deviation and other problems.
7) Establish a perfect monitoring and maintenance mechanism for mine belt conveyor. Mine belt conveyor is widely used in the process of coal mine production and sewage treatment, the management mechanism is not perfect, and do not pay attention to the maintenance and monitoring of the mine belt conveyor, which is easy to lead to the mine belt conveyor deviation and lead to safety accidents, enterprises should carry out regular maintenance of the mine belt conveyor, establish a complete monitoring mechanism, to avoid the mine belt conveyor deviation.
Mining belt machine deviation is mainly caused by the mining belt machine itself and human reasons, the factory in the application of mining belt machine should not only strengthen the monitoring work of mining belt machine, and should pay attention to the maintenance of mining belt machine and staff training. The relevant designers of mine belt conveyor should pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, install belt anti-deviation device, avoid belt deviation, cause safety accidents.