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Several correct installation methods of conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-01-29 11:24:26
1. Flat upturning method: Before the conveyor frame is installed, place the lower conveyor belt along the installation center line on the bottom plate. After the frame is installed, the lower flat roller lifts the conveyor belt and installs it on the idler base. Then assemble the trough idler on the frame, put the upper conveyor belt along the side of the conveyor belt installation, starting from one end, the conveyor belt section by section up, placed on the idler, it is faster and less labor than translation up.
2. Hanging method: Hang the whole roll of conveyor belt above the conveyor track, manually pull out the conveyor belt and put it on the flat idlers in the lower return section. After the installation of the lower conveyor belt, assemble the upper groove idlers in the frame. In the same way, the upper conveyor belt is placed on the groove idler.
3. High setting method of rolling simple: Support the conveyor belt drum in the appropriate position, use a small winch to wrap steel wire rope to pull one end of the conveyor belt, and place it along the whole conveyor path.
4. Comprehensive method: Place the lower conveyor belt with the flat upturning method, and then install the upper roller, lift the whole roll of conveyor belt above or below the conveyor road, and use a small winch to pull one end of the conveyor belt and place it along the whole conveyor road.
The above are several conveyor belt installation methods, but in the installation of conveyor belt, according to the installation environment to determine which method to use for installation, so that the installation will be more convenient.