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Manufacturing process of steel cord conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-06-08 13:59:34

Steel cord conveyor belt is a kind of conveyor belt with high strength, good wear resistance and large carrying capacity, which is widely used in various industries. Its main raw materials are steel wire rope and rubber, and the manufacturing process involves many links.

First, you need to prepare the wire rope. Steel wire rope is usually twisted by multiple strands of steel wire, with high strength and stable quality. The production process includes drawing, oil immersion, braiding and other links to ensure its high strength and wear resistance. When making steel cord conveyor belts, the steel cords need to be cut according to specific specifications and lengths, and the finished product inspection should be carried out.

Next, make the core material. The core material is the core part of the steel cord conveyor belt and is made of rubber. In the process of making the core material, it is necessary to control the quality and hardness of the rubber to ensure the stability and durability of the core material. Through molding, vulcanization and other processes, the rubber is fixed on the wire rope to form the core material.

Next, make the face material. The surface material is a layer of rubber sheet on the outer layer of the steel cord conveyor belt, which mainly plays the role of protecting the core material and increasing friction. The produ ction of surface materials requires the selection of suitable rubber materials and molds, and through multiple process steps such as molding, assembly, and adjustment, the surface materials are made into shapes that meet the requirements of specific working conditions.

Finally, the overall assembly. Assemble the prepared core material and surface material, and carry out overall reinforcement and dimensional correction according to requirements. Finally, the finished product undergoes strict quality inspection and performance testing to ensure its reliability and safety.

The production process of the steel cord conveyor belt needs to master a number of complex technologies and processes, including the production of steel wire rope, the molding of the core material, the production of the surface material and the overall assembly. Therefore, in the actual application process, special attention should be paid to the use and maintenance of this product to ensure its long-term service.