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How to Avoid Moldy Food Conveyor Belts

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Update time : 2023-06-12 18:03:23

Food conveyor belt is a kind of equipment used to transport food, usually made of rubber, plastic and other materials, it has the advantages of high reliability, wear resistance, low cost and simple maintenance.

When using the food conveyor belt, it is necessary to pay attention to its cleaning and disinfection. Food production and processing require high hygienic conditions, requiring all equipment to be kept clean and clean. When using the conveyor belt, it should be cleaned regularly to avoid residues entering the product, and worn or damaged parts should be replaced in time.

Moldy food conveyor belt is related to the safety of food and the health of consumers. Therefore, in the daily production of food, how to avoid moldy food conveyor belt?

1. Disinfection

Use detergent to wash off grease, especially the places that are in direct contact with the product. The residue should be cleaned every day, cleaned with a brush and detergent, washed with water, wiped with chlorine dioxide solution and disinfected before use.

2. Clean up

Clean the surface and bottom with detergent, rinse with clean water, and spray with disinfectant.

3. Replacement

In general, food conveyor belts play an important role in food production and processing. Choosing the right type and performing correct maintenance can improve food processing production efficiency and quality while ensuring food safety and hygiene.In the food industry, it is necessary to replace the food conveyor belt regularly, not only to ensure the hygiene of the food conveyor belt, but also to provide a good environment for food safety.