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Features of Telescopic Conveyors

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Update time : 2023-06-06 17:42:34
The telescopic conveyor is a kind of conveying machinery with a wide range of uses. It plays a very important role in the transportation of short-distance solid objects, sub-package materials and finished items in cement, chemical, steel, metallurgy and other industries.
With the development of all walks of life, modern transportation is more and more about simple, fast and low-cost modes. The original belt conveyor can no longer meet the increasingly diversified market requirements. In order to save time and cost for enterprises, telescopic transportation machine was born
The telescopic conveyor is a kind of equipment used for two-way transmission of materials. As the name implies, telescopic is to add a telescopic device on the basis of the original belt conveyor, which can make the belt conveyor limited in length. It can be freely expanded and contracted to adapt to the environment, so the telescopic conveyor has a higher degree of adaptability and stronger adaptability than the traditional belt conveyor.
And the mechanical operation method is also very simple, you can adjust the mechanical buttons according to your own needs, and you can achieve length control within a limited distance.
Because the telescopic conveyor can run in both directions, it is mainly used in the loading and unloading of material vehicles and the material transmission system that requires telescopic transmission. It can also be used in conjunction with other types of conveying equipment or material sorter-type equipment to achieve material The automation of vehicle loading and unloading, and the intelligentization of material entry and exit, such as the tobacco industry, are widely used.
The mechanical principle of the telescopic conveyor: First of all, we must first understand that the length of the belt is constant. Although the telescopic conveyor can be stretched, its essence is to add a telescopic conveyor mechanism to the initial telescopic conveyor, which can make the belt in the length The free telescopic conveyor belt within a limited range is driven by the motor to drive the roller. The mobile conveyor is suitable for loading and unloading of bulk or finished items and short-distance transportation.
The recovery of the belt requires a belt storage device, whose function is to temporarily fold and store the excess belt during the contraction process of the telescopic conveyor, so as to achieve safe and reliable construction, so as to facilitate the continuous progress of the work during the operation and The need to step back.
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