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Analysis on the causes of roller wear of belt conveyor with large dip Angle

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Update time : 2023-02-28 11:08:02
Large dip Angle belt conveyor is a kind of common conveying equipment, often used for conveying a variety of materials, large throughput, stable performance. In the process of use, occasionally appear drum wear, the reason for this phenomenon is two reasons: one is that the design gap between the drum support and the drum is too small, at the same time, the longitudinal distance of the building foundation reserved hole is less than the distance of the drum support. During belt operation, excessive belt tension leads to changes in its traction force. The return deposit is not cleaned, resulting in debris accumulation and friction to the rubber layer. As for the design factors, the spacing between the roller bracket and the roller is too small, and the longitudinal distance of the reserved hole of the foundation is less than the distance of the roller bracket, which is not easy to deal with the accumulation in time, which is the main cause of the rubber wear of the roller lining. Working environment factors are another cause of local damage to lining equipment.