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Internal structure of wire rope conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-02-17 15:19:34
Steel wire rope conveyor belt skeleton layer selects open structure steel wire rope, so that the core glue can be thoroughly penetrated into each steel wire in the vulcanization process, and fill the open space between the steel wire to prevent corrosion, and make each steel wire and cover glue tightly fit together.
The steel wire rope is evenly placed longitudinally, and the open hot dip galvanized steel wire rope with left and right lay is selected. The center is the core rubber, which has strong adhesion and good fluidity when vulcanizing, and has excellent fixing and maintenance effect on the steel wire rope. The upper and lower cover rubber has wear resistance and good elasticity. Under harsh working conditions, assuming that the conveyor belt is damaged, the core rubber wrapping the wire rope can prevent water or other substances from corroding the wire rope and play a good maintenance role. Wire rope core conveyor belt is an efficient conveyor belt, the service life of a single point is far greater than other conveyor belts!