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How to properly install the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-01-30 09:18:29
Whether replacing the belt conveyor conveyor belt or reinstalling the conveyor belt on a new transmission device, it is recommended to follow the following steps:
1. Turn off the power supply of the belt conveyor, remove the protective cover, loosen the assembly bolt of the motor, move the motor, so that the conveyor belt is relaxed enough and can be removed without prying open. Do not pry down the conveyor belt for kW.
2. Take down the old conveyor belt and check whether there is abnormal wear. Excessive wear may mean that there are problems in the design and maintenance of the transmission device.
3. Select appropriate conveyor belt replacement.
4. Clean the conveyor belt and pulley, should be stained with a little non-volatile liquid wipe, soak in detergent or use detergent to scrub the conveyor belt is not available, in order to remove oil and dirt, sandpaper wipe or scrape with sharp objects, obviously is not desirable. Conveyor belts must be kept dry before installation and use.
5. Check whether the belt conveyor pulley has abnormal wear and whether it is linear symmetry. Linear symmetry of the belt pulley is very important for the operation of the conveyor belt transmission device.
6. Check the rest of the transmission components of the belt conveyor, such as the symmetry, durability and lubrication of the bearing and shaft sleeve.
7. Install a new conveyor belt on the belt pulley of the belt conveyor. Do not pry or exert too much force.
8. Tighten the center distance of the transmission device of the belt conveyor until the tension measuring instrument detects that the tension of the conveyor belt is appropriate. Then turn the driving wheel several times by hand to remeasure the tension.
9. Tighten the assembly bolts of the motor to correct the torque. Since any change in the center distance of the rotating device during operation will lead to poor performance of the conveyor belt, it is necessary to ensure that all parts of the rotating device are tightened.
10. Although the belt conveyor belt no longer needs to adjust the tension, we still suggest starting the device and observing the performance of the conveyor belt to check whether there is abnormal vibration and listen carefully to whether there is abnormal noise. It is best to turn off the machine and check the condition of the bearing and motor.