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Application of steel buckle on rubber conveyor belt

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Update time : 2023-01-29 11:19:30
Rubber conveyor belt buckle is also called belt buckle, there are many kinds of steel buckle, common light conveyor belt buckle needle buckle, Wolf mouth, bow buckle, zipper buckle. What equipment is the steel buckle mainly used in? Which industries use hair buckle more? With these problems, let's take a detailed look at the use of steel buckle and matters needing attention.
First of all, steel buckle is mainly used in the transmission environment of inconvenient rubber conveyor belt replacement, difficult to disassemble and install equipment, short downtime, difficult installation of emergency conveyor belt repair, and short construction period. Therefore, the use of steel buckle greatly enriches the use of the conveyor belt scene and improves the production efficiency of the conveyor equipment. As long as there is a conveying place, there is no special requirement for the conveyor belt joint can be connected with steel buckle.
Bands that use steel buckles rarely have extra thin and extra thick bands, and most bands that use steel buckles are around 2-6mm thick. Steel buckle because of its convenient replacement, easy to modify, in many cases can be processed on site. In summary, there are two characteristics of the use of steel buckle industry. First, the conveyor belt is often replaced, and even the length needs to be adjusted. Second: the conveyor modification is difficult, need to do equipment maintenance in a short time.