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Application of deviation switch on belt conveyor

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Update time : 2023-01-30 09:37:50
In the use of belt conveyor, the running state of the off-deviation switch is directly related to the life of equipment and personnel in the production process. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to make the protective device of belt conveyor play its protective role stably and reliably in production operation. It is a common problem that the belt conveyor is easy to run off and slip in operation, which is easy to lead to the failure of the conveyor belt. The following mini-series explains the selection and installation of deviation switches.
Belt conveyor deviation switch is a protective device, used to detect the degree of belt deviation in the running process of the belt conveyor and send an alarm, also used to trigger emergency stop automatically when the belt serious deviation. The deviation switch is fixed on the bracket on both sides of the belt conveyor at a certain interval, and the roller part of the deviation switch is deflected after being squeezed by the edge of the deviation conveyor belt. When the roller deflects to a certain Angle, the switch contact is triggered. It can detect different degrees of belt deviation and provide more information for the control system. Preferred products with action memory and action state indication on the switch body. Because the belt conveyor is in the dynamic running state, with this function can be convenient to determine the specific location of the belt deviation, analyze the causes of the belt deviation, convenient equipment debugging and maintenance. The mounting bracket of the deviation switch shall be constructed to adjust the position of the deviation switch horizontally along the belt. This is to adjust the permissible deviation range in a small range according to the actual situation on site.