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How to deal with motor failure of roller conveyor

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Update time : 2022-11-14 17:10:36
The most common fault of the roller conveyor is the motor, which is the heart of the whole mechanical equipment. A slight mistake will cause the roller conveyor to be difficult to run and operate normally. Timely treatment of the failure is one thing, on the other hand, regular maintenance and maintenance should be carried out to make the service life of the roller conveyor longer. Bring better economic benefits for production enterprises.
The most common fault of the roller conveyor in operation is that the motor cannot start or slows down immediately after the normal start. There are generally four reasons for this situation:
(1) It may be caused by the fault of the line.
Solution: in the first time to carry out the roller conveyor line inspection;
(2) It may also be caused by the drop in voltage.
Solution: Check the voltage to ensure normal;
(3) It may be the fault of the contactor.
Solution: At this time, it is necessary to check the overload of electrical appliances for timely replacement;
(4) There is another possibility that the roller conveyor is caused by too many continuous operations in a short time.
Solution: At this time, we only need to reduce the number of operations to allow the drum machine to resume normal starting use.