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High temperature resistant conveyor belt product introduction

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Update time : 2022-11-14 16:17:08
Made of special formula, it is used for conveying cement clinker, coke sinter and other high temperature materials in metallurgy, building materials and other industries.
1: Excellent heat aging resistance to ozone aging, conveying materials will not appear in advance cracking and other early aging phenomenon;
2: High temperature resistant conveyor belt made with special formula has long service life.
3: The use of special heat-resistant canvas, so that the conveyor belt does not produce deformation at high temperature
4: Excellent adhesive formula, to ensure high temperature, high adhesion between layers, to avoid the use of delamination bubbling and other defects, good stability
Main Structure:
It is successively composed of high temperature resistant burning layer, transition layer, heat insulation layer, strong layer and heat resistant layer. The use of high temperature resistant (burn resistant) conveyor belt is really a destructive use.
High-temperature resistant (cauterizing) conveyor belt has characteristics: the covering glue produces a micro-carbonized layer at high temperature, which has good density and slow deterioration after carbonization. Besides, it has cauterizing resistance and can prevent heat from further transferring to the belt body and reduce the internal strength of the belt. The carbonized layer generates irregular fine cracks during the operation of the belt body, which is conducive to the cooling of the belt body.
Inorganic material with diameter structure is used as the skeleton material of the inflammable conveyor belt. The skeleton material has the characteristics of small strength loss under high temperature and no shrinkage deformation.
The unique adhesive formula ensures that the bonding strength between the adhesive material and the skeleton material is much higher than that of the ordinary resistant zone, and the bonding strength between the layers at high temperature is more than 3.5N/mm.
High temperature resistant (cauterizing) covering adhesive: The main adhesive adopts high temperature resistant rubber to ensure normal operation under high temperature environment, and a variety of auxiliary additives are added to the overall formula
Auxiliary auxiliary effect
1: Auxiliary chemical side should be endothermic reaction, can effectively absorb the heat of the belt body conveying material, reduce the heat damage by the belt body effectively protect the core strong layer
2: The agent heat release a protective film to slow the transfer of heat effectively protect the conveyor belt.
Physical and mechanical properties of overlay:
Tensile strength not less than 14Mpa; Elongation at break: not less than 350%; Wear capacity: not more than 100 mm3
Physical properties of strong layer:
Interlayer bonding strength:
(1) The average value of the longitudinal sample of interlayer bonding strength is not less than 4.50N/mm;
(2) The lowest peak value of interlayer bonding strength of all samples is not less than 3.5N/mm;
③ The average value of the bonding strength of the longitudinal sample between the upper glue and the cloth layer is not less than 3.5N/mm;
(4) The average value of the bonding strength between the adhesive surface and the cloth layer is not less than 3.2N/mm
Unique adhesive formula: According to the special bonding system of high-temperature resistant conveyor belt, it ensures the bonding strength between the cloth layer and the cloth layer and the glue surface and the cloth layer in high temperature environment. Special additives can effectively buffer the heat transfer to ensure the service life of the conveyor belt.