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Heat resistant conveyor belt and high temperature conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-07-29 15:04:04
1. First of all, the performance of the two is different in the range of use. Heat-resistant conveyor belt is mainly used in cement (data: powder hydraulic inorganic cementing data), coke and other industries. High temperature resistant conveyor belt is used for construction occasions, cement (data: powder hydraulic inorganic cementable data) clinker, metallurgy (content: metal or metal compounds extracted from ore) and other high temperature occasions. The latter are used to higher temperatures than the former.
2. In composition, heat resistant conveyor belt is made of high temperature resistant rubber materials by curing and a series of processes. The track of shot blasting machine is composed of three layers. The outer layer is covered with rubber. The rubber directly touches the workpiece to be cleaned and is hit by the steel ball. Therefore, it is badly worn and has great destructive power. The life of the masking rubber is almost caterpillar. Long life, glue is also exposed rubber. The quality is tangible. Good rubber is elastic. Rubber is made from moulds. To allow the gas in the chamber to escape, the rubber with the vent holes in the mold will leave the exhaust pipe. Pull on the exhaust pipe by hand, feel satisfied with the elasticity, rubber is good. The material requirements and process of high temperature resistant conveyor belt are more severe than that of heat resistant conveyor belt.
3. The working environment temperature is different. The stability of heat resistant conveyor belt (clarify: stable and stable; No change) is significantly lower than the high temperature conveyor belt. The former is used for occasions below 175 degrees, the latter can accept up to 800 degrees of stability (clarification: stability; The same).