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What are the reasons for the degumming of rubber conveyor belt joints?

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Update time : 2022-07-29 10:19:40
Rubber conveyor belt in use, the joint is simple degumming, once the conveyor belt joint joint degumming, will lead to the conveyor belt can not be used, in serious cases will also form the whole conveyor line paralysis and damage. The following conveyor belt manufacturers take you to understand the reasons for the degumming of rubber conveyor belt joints.
The causes of joint degumming caused by the lack of adhesion can be roughly divided into: data and construction, that is, data quality and construction technology.
1, cold vulcanized joint information
Cold glue joint is suitable for middle and lower strength of layered with quick joint operation, can use cold vulcanized adhesive SK313 large enough to achieve the bonding strength, cold vulcanized adhesive SK313 of rubber, metal, fabric, leather stick relay over Germany DIN industrial standards, with hot vulcanization, at the same level after curing rubber flexible, strong environmental tolerance, resistance to ageing, The joint has good flexure.
Cold bonding joints have high requirements on the bonding performance of the glue used. The use of general glue, either lack of adhesion, or in order to improve the adhesion, high resin content, high curing hardness of the adhesive layer, and poor flexure resistance. Moreover, the construction of cold adhesive joints also has strict requirements on the professional skills of the operators, such as the thickness of the glue coating, the judgment of the drying degree of the adhesive layer when the sub-layered coating and bonding, the control of the thickness of the adhesive layer between the fabric layers, and so on.
After Z, the cold vulcanized joint also needs to post a patch strip at the joint gap to protect and strengthen the bonding surface and prevent peeling and degumming caused by scraping.
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2, hot curing joint information
The hot vulcanization joint needs to be heated and pressurized by large vulcanization equipment, and the raw film is vulcanized to become ripe rubber. Through the hot vulcanization slurry SK823, the rubber material and the conveyor belt core layer are firmly bonded together in the vulcanization process. This type of joint has been used for many years, but its joint strength and application effect are still not comparable with other joint methods, especially in the medium and high strength fabric belt, steel wire belt, whole core flame retardant belt joints can not be replaced.
Hot vulcanized joint needs hot vulcanized glue, hot vulcanized core glue and surface glue. Hot vulcanized core glue is filled between the fabric layer or the steel wire rope of the conveyor belt, which has the filling and bonding effect, good adhesion, and good flexure and flexibility after vulcanization. Hot vulcanized surface adhesive has the characteristics of tensile resistance and wear resistance, which can form a protective layer on the surface of the conveyor belt, improve the strength of the joint and extend the service life of the joint. If the quality of the two adhesives is poor and the impurity content is large, the adhesion is very simple and can not be bonded after vulcanization.
Heat vulcanized rubber paste the same bonding effect, seemingly with a core adhesive effect overlap, but good invasive mucilage itself, liquidity that mucilage can certainly combination fabric layer, steel wire rope, and eliminate the bubbles within the aperture, ensure the compactness of joint, supply with strong stick relay, is one of the hot vulcanization joint is necessary information, Some hot vulcanized joint degumming is because the hot vulcanized glue is not used or used too little, the joint degree is not enough, in the face of strong belt tension, a pull will break. The curing process of hot curing joint also needs good technology and experience. The pressure is raised synchronously in the heating process, and the heat preservation and pressure curing temperature is reached after curing. The curing time should be controlled well, not curing incomplete, nor too sulfur.
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