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Which is better pvc conveyor belt and rubber conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-08-02 19:48:26
1. Material technology The PVC conveyor belt is mainly made of PVC material and polyester or blended fabric, which is coated, scraped and calendered. The main material is pvc material. It can be directly hot-melted and has strong plasticity and has a wide range of applications. Rubber conveyor belts are mainly vulcanized from rubber and nylon cloth or cotton canvas. The main material is rubber. The connection adopts the secondary vulcanization process, which is relatively heavy and difficult to process. 2. Differences in application fields Pvc conveyor belts are lightweight conveyor belts. It is an industrial conveyor belt product with good economy and wide application range, mainly used in light industrial production. For example: logistics sorting, 3C electronics, industrial automation, etc. Rubber conveyor belts are heavy-duty conveyor belts. It is a weather-resistant and durable heavy-duty conveyor belt product. Mainly used in the production of heavy raw materials. For example: coal conveyor belt, ore conveying, grain conveying, etc. 3. Comparison and selection 1. Application scenarios To choose the right product, first consider the application scenario. Product factors: weight, volume, shape, temperature, acidity and alkalinity, etc. Environmental factors: indoor and outdoor, temperature and humidity, north-south difference, annual temperature difference, etc. 2. Mechanical design A good horse with a good saddle. Good equipment needs to be equipped with high-quality conveyor belts Budget factors: total equipment price, equipment warranty, equipment follow-up maintenance, etc. Structural factors: drum diameter, idler/pallet, conveying distance, motor power, slope size, etc.
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