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Explore why high temperature resistant conveyor belt will produce skidding situation

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Update time : 2022-09-08 19:36:56
High temperature conveyor belt conveyor belt in normal work, the running speed is very fast, only in this way can continue to work for a long time. Only accessories and tie-in combination of high temperature resistant conveyor belt parts in good conditions, it can run at normal speed, once a part of all of a sudden failure occurs, such as the surface of the roller and the conveyer belt joint is not quite close together, the friction force alone is less than standard requirements, conveyor belt is unstable and prone to slip, this time problem. In a word, the coordination between the roller and the conveyor belt surface is the key to affect whether the high temperature resistant conveyor belt will slip.
There are several reasons that affect the friction between the two, the tension does not meet the requirements and the friction force is too small and so on. What is the reason why the tension of high temperature resistant conveyor belt is not enough? The first point is that the compact degree of the conveyor belt is too low, the two sides are not tight enough, and the middle is prone to slack. Once the tension is not up to par, the whole thing will fall apart. The second point is that the whole weight is light, the transmission to the bottom of the equipment pressure is small, the grip will naturally become small, there will be insufficient tension. The third is that the conveyor belt is too long. In fact, this problem is the same as the lack of counterweight, because they will lead to the whole length is not tight enough. And the other parts of the roller, its friction force is small may be because of its own friction loss is more serious, or there are a lot of wet materials on the surface.