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Conveyor belt material and use matters needing attention

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Update time : 2022-09-07 11:12:02
Conveyor belt is a kind of equipment that can withstand high temperature and transport short distance often used in industry. Let me introduce some knowledge and skills about it.
The framework materials used in the conveyor belt are generally steel wire rope or synthetic fiber materials, among which synthetic fiber materials have better performance. Even under high temperature conditions, the belt body strength of the conveyor belt can reach 2000N/mm, and the synthetic fiber materials have excellent stability. Combined with the use of special skeleton, can greatly improve the instantaneous heat resistance value of the conveyor belt, the instantaneous heat resistance temperature can reach 538℃.
In daily work, the conveyor belt is forbidden to contact corrosive goods, acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent materials can not be contacted, the conveyor belt should be kept clean, can not be direct sunlight or rain and snow immersion, when not used to roll up, to prevent broken, long time placed in the case of regular turning. The conveyor belt is strictly prohibited in the use of excess load, or it will seriously damage the service life of the conveyor belt. Heat resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas or polyester canvas, covered with high temperature resistant or heat resistant rubber on both sides, bonded together through high temperature vulcanization process, suitable for conveying hot coke, slag and hot casting materials below 175℃.