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About the conveyor belt to do tensile test

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Update time : 2022-09-08 19:42:45
Before the conveyor belt is sold, some test experiments will be done to ensure that the product quality, performance and other aspects are qualified, so that users have a better sense of experience and security. In these experiments, one is more important, that is, the tensile test of the conveyor belt.
Conveyor belt of the drawing in the process of using influence said it's not a big also, but said that small and large, at the end of the tensile effect is good or bad will affect the efficiency of transportation, so you need to find a suitable tensile strength, to meet the best transport efficiency, all in all, about conveyor belt cannot be bothered by tensile test is also a step. Before the test, the first thing to ensure is that the user can easily control the tightness of the conveyor belt, so as to effectively prevent the phenomenon of sliding belt and avoid disputes. Conveyor belt tensile test is very simple, only need to pull up the two ends of the conveyor belt to try the tensile degree can be, or directly put into transport, use for a period of time, combined with the corresponding data tested by the software to specific analysis, to see whether it meets the factory requirements. If you are not satisfied, you will adjust and test again until you are satisfied, and eventually produce a qualified and excellent conveyor belt.
We carry out these steps are to make the conveyor belt have better quality, only after so many steps of detection also qualified conveyor belt can be trusted to put into use, with its more perfect performance to benefit mankind.
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