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Heat resistant conveyor belt selection of long time use defects

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Update time : 2022-11-15 17:45:57
Selection of heat resistant conveyor belt:
(1) The choice of the most suitable belt depends not only on the thermal strain but also on the chemical mechanical stress.
(2) The temperature of the conveying material and the surface temperature of the belt according to the composition of the material, properties, surface structure shape and particle size changes, such as when the temperature of the bulk material is 150 (coke or sintered ore) and the contact area with the belt is small, the belt surface temperature can be maintained in 60 ~ 80, but when conveying cement powder, There is little difference between the material temperature and the strip surface temperature.
(3) The life of the tropical resistance is greatly affected by the surface temperature of the belt, and affects the falling of the cover glue and the delaminating of the core. Therefore, when choosing the belt, it is very important to consider the heat resistant conveyor belt temperature on the surface of the belt, as well as the ambient temperature, whether the belt can be cooled fully when returning, and the distance between the belt speed and the center are worth noting.
(4) Thicker cover is an important condition to ensure that the belt has a long life, we suggest the fabric core tropical cover thickness: 6 ~ 8mm on the top cover, 2 ~ 4mm on the bottom cover.
If the conveyor belt is used for a long time, it is possible to have large or small problems. Take the heat-resistant conveyor belt as an example, it may form defects in appearance after a long time:
Defects formed by heat-resistant conveyor belt;
Bright scar;
The surface of the covered rubber is slightly concave to become the bright scar, which is the most common appearance defect of the heat-resistant conveyor belt.
The main reasons are: the plastic plasticity is too small into poor liquidity, heat resistant conveyor belt if the cover of ethylene and C rubber with unreasonable combination, especially the improper use of softener rubber plasticity is small, poor liquidity, may cause bright scar.
Conveyor belt believes that the solution to this kind of conveyor belt is: reasonable use of softener and plasticizer dosage, strict control of the plasticity of the mix and the uniformity of the mix, so that the rubber meets the process requirements.
But if when the plate vulcanizing machine closed, if the rubber vulcanization speed is too fast, the rubber has not completely gone normally, the rubber has been vulcanized, not filled place is Ming scar, the solution: Appropriate control of the vulcanization rate of rubber material for ethylene C rubber, its heat resistant covering rubber vulcanization rate is very slow, and the crosslinking agent of neoprene rubber is zinc oxide and magnesium oxide, if magnesium oxide heat resistant conveyor belt moisture absorption and metamorphism, the activity is not enough, its coke resistance performance is poor, often appear too fast sulfur phenomenon, so control the quality of magnesium oxide is the key to solve this problem. Plastic material is too large or viscous, vulcanization caused by vapidity.
If the adhesive viscosity is too large, when the plate vulcanizing machine film, extrusion is not easy to discharge the air, often caused by cavitation scar, so the plastic degree of the covering glue can not be too large, generally more than 0.4 operation is not ideal, especially chloroprene glue, because of ethylene propylene glue and styrene butadiene adhesive poor viscosity, if the plastic degree of the covering glue is a little larger, there are few bright scar. More and more demand, quality requirements are also higher and higher, not only excellent product performance, durable and beautiful appearance.
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