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Conveyor belt selection of the importance of belt conveyor!

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Update time : 2022-07-28 17:07:27
With the implementation and application of belt conveyor, its users are all over metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical industry and other occupations, these occupations are indispensable belt conveyor. To know, a good machine equipment without every performance index is good, good quality, good service life of parts, the same is true for belt conveyor. Obviously, for the normal use of belt conveyor, conveyor belt demand is a key component, can not be ignored.
1. Select the most appropriate type of conveyor belt.
The belt category demand of the belt conveyor is comprehensively determined according to the raw materials, the amount of transportation, the use of natural environment and other factors. Choose a good belt conveyor machinery and equipment, the first thing to determine the type of conveyor belt required. Now the common conveyor belt is generally made of rubber, fiber and metal composite products. Generally, different types of conveyor belts can be selected for different use of natural environment, which is relatively humanized. The belt conveyor used in the cold natural environment can choose the cold-resistant conveyor belt, which can generally meet the use of the natural environment within -55℃; If demand is used in high temperature natural environment, heat resistant conveyor belt can be selected. It uses special rubber as the covering material, can withstand the temperature of the raw material transported up to 800℃; If corrosive raw materials need to be transported, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt and oil resistant conveyor belt can be selected. In short, there are many kinds of conveyor belt. Before choosing the conveyor belt, we should understand its properties and characteristics, which is helpful to choose the conveyor belt that can meet the needs of the belt conveyor.
2. The effect of conveyor belt.
It is well known that belt conveyor machinery and equipment are driven by conflict to transport materials in succession. In the process of machinery and equipment operation, the purpose of transporting materials is indispensable conveyor belt. Only through the conveyor belt, materials can be transported out, complete the whole operation process of machinery and equipment. It is conceivable that the conveyor belt is the soul of the belt conveyor. Selection of good quality, high quality conveyor belt, can improve the operation of belt conveyor machinery and equipment, to create higher benefits for users.