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Conveyor belt for special processing effect

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Update time : 2022-07-27 10:35:55
Now the industrial conveyor belt has become an essential part of industrial production, many factories because of the special needs of their own products to customize a suitable conveyor belt, today Xiaobian will introduce the use and use of various industrial belts.
We go to special processing for the conveyor belt, because the special characteristics of our products to satisfy its demand for the conveyor belt, the ordinary conveyor belt such as striped conveyor belt, sheet base belt, synchronous belt special processing belt. We use them widely in packaging, printing, electronics, video, fragile products and other packaging equipment.
1. We glue PVC guide strip, baffle or skirt edge on the conveyor belt. Adding a guide strip can make the conveyor belt not easy to run off track, like a train on the same track; Baffle can be used for climbing transport; Add skirt to prevent material falling.
2. Punching, slotting, customized turning machine belt on the conveyor belt, etc. The punching conveyor belt can be used for vacuum packing machine, which can play the effect of adsorption. The belt of the turning machine enables the transport system to carry out the corner transport.
3. Conveyor belt and rubber can make the friction force added, high temperature resistance. Excellent elasticity improves belt life. Suitable for glass, ceramics, carpenters and other industries.
4. Add sponge and foam on the conveyor belt. Make the transportation with a certain tensile capacity, and sponge can transport some electronic goods or fragile materials, play the effect of exhaust and buffer.