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What do you need to pay attention to in daily maintenance of conveyor belt?

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Update time : 2022-07-27 10:21:26
The following is a professional conveyor belt manufacturer's technical personnel to take you to learn, waiting for our detailed introduction can help us more powerfully
1. Useful conveyor belt selection: the selection of conveyor belt should comprehensively consider all aspects of the elements, mainly include: belt rules of belt conveyor system; Geomorphic natural environment code and safety grade rules; The type, shape, characteristics and rules of the transmission of raw materials are large network bandwidth, support work and transport work capacity; Minimum barrel diameter; Groove profile and transverse torsional stiffness; Load point support; The interval between the curve segment and the connecting segment; Conveyor belt tightening mode and travel mechanism, receiving points and receiving specifications, working cycle time; Impact resistance resilience grade rules, connector specifications, etc.
2, reduce the belt conveyor mechanism parts of the belt damage: belt conveyor parts are based on standard mechanical equipment, order to choose the professional production of belt conveyor manufacturers of products, and in the belt conveyor manufacturer home has excellent commitment to ensure the accuracy and quality of parts. All components shall be installed in accordance with the current transportation machinery installation specifications and engineering acceptance technical specifications. Very simple transport belt parts damage (such as side skirt, scraper, all kinds of mining machinery, etc.) in the installation to reduce the damage, the operation should be more careful patrol.
3. The progress of the feeding equipment structure: the daily task of the feeding equipment is to ensure the loading of raw materials on the belt conveyor. The service life of the belt is largely related to the structure of the feeding equipment. The structure design scheme of the feeding equipment has the following rules: when the raw material is loaded into the belt conveyor, the speed and orientation of the raw material should be close to the rate and orientation of the conveyor belt; The raw materials shall be loaded in the belt conveyor management center, and the raw materials shall not be scattered outside the belt conveyor. In the transport of bulk raw materials, as far as possible to reduce the impact of raw materials on the conveyor belt, as far as possible to reduce the feeding aspect ratio; Feed quantity is schedulable, adhere to have excellent working ability; Adhere to continuous feeding to ensure the continuous flow of materials on the belt conveyor.
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