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Comparison of cold adhesive joint and hot vulcanized joint of rubber conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-12-13 11:25:23
At present, there are two common rubber conveyor belt bonding methods, cold bonding and hot vulcanization bonding. The strength of these two joints can reach 80-90% of the conveyor belt, and the strength of mechanical joints can only reach 60-65%. And these two kinds of connection do not leak material, not easy to tear and not easy to damage the roller, but these two kinds of connection have advantages and disadvantages.
Cold adhesion of rubber conveyor belt: Advantages -- fast bonding speed, short time, low cost, better choice of location. Disadvantages - high environmental requirements, such as rain and snow days, dust, adhesives are greatly affected by temperature. Durability is not as long as thermal adhesion time. Temperature, humidity or conveyor belt thickness is not suitable for cold bonding
Hot adhesion of conveyor belt: Because the hot adhesion joint is completely closed, it is less affected by the environment and has a long service life. Disadvantages, hot joints need curing machine, need 380 power supply, conveyor handling are more laborious. The relative cost is high.
How do we choose the conveyor belt bonding joint method? It depends on the specific situation.
1. The type of conveyor belt determines whether it must be hot vulcanized. If it is steel wire belt (ST), it must be vulcanized conveyor belt joint; If it is a stratified strip (EP), it can be hot vulcanized or cold bonded, depending on the situation. It is best to vulcanize larger thickness.
2. Width (EP tape) and length. Generally speaking, 1000mm is a limit, the width is lower than 1000mm can be cold bonding, higher than 1000mm, the best hot vulcanization, of course, this is just in general, but also refer to other factors, such as lifting Angle, material, belt speed, working conditions, etc. Generally speaking, the total length of the conveyor belt is longer, and the hot vulcanization bonding joint is selected. The short one is cold bonding.
3 can refer to the location of the conveyor belt, some conveyor belt location can not open the vulcanization machine, so choose cold adhesive joint.
4 can refer to the transportation of materials, such as acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, relatively high density; Hot vulcanized bonding joint is the best choice for large moisture
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